About NOCC

Northern Ohio Chevelle Club

About the Northern Ohio Chevelle Club

With a meeting of about a dozen people, on April 15, 2004 the birth of the Northern Ohio Chevelle Club came to life. To keep it simple but meaningful, the name was chosen. This gave us, The Northern Ohio Chevelle Club (NOCC) and is a club for all 1964 through 1988 Chevelles, Malibus, El Caminos, and Beaumonts enthusiast.

We have about 200 members that we like to think of as friends and part of the NOCC Family.

To summarize, we are a group that find a great appreciation for what we think is the best classic muscle car around, the Chevrolet Chevelle. Whether it is a Malibu, Chevelle SS, El Camino, or even a cousin, the Beaumont; we find them all to be an important piece of automotive history that we enjoy and want to preserve.


We hold regular monthly meetings, usually on the third Wednesday of each month. Every member is welcome to attend but not required to. We e-mail a link to a Video Newsletter the 1st of every month. The e-mail will also contain any changes in meeting places, dates, or times. Your input is a welcome part of our news and our meetings.

We love to do garage tours as part of our news program so contact us and we will do our best to bring the camera to you.


With events throughout the year we will always welcome your help whenever you can.

There are club functions just for fun, such as a spring get-together to start the season, a driving cruise, and a club picnic in the fall. We try to group up for favorite cruises and shows during the season. Family members are welcome to join in most all club functions. There are certain functions intended for adults only, such as the Christmas party. We’ll be sure to let you know in advance whenever this is the case.

Supporting our Members

We would also like to mention that this club is a tremendous resource of talents.

You can contact us through our e-mail if you need some help pulling a motor, installing an interior, recommending a garage, or even advice on how to show your Chevelle.  We will help you get the word out to fellow club members who might help you out.

Helping the Community

We are a non-profit organization and tend to lend our services and funds we generate towards charities that benefit a cure for cancer, children, and veterans. 

Our Leadership

Joe Desmont - President

Gerry Lorkowski -
Vice President

Patricia Umstead - Treasurer

Mark Meldrum - Secretary